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Back Pain Tied To Poor Health

According to an epidemiology study by Rudin et. al., it is estimated that 50% to 80% of people will experience low back pain their life. In today's culture of if it hurts then stop it with a pill, potion, or lotion, many of see an ache or pain as mere annoyance.

Pain and/or symptoms can be beneficial, they are a message from our body that it is not functioning optimally. Instead of a ignoring pain, we should take it as opportunity to check in with ourselves and see what might be causing this to happen. It is important to identify the cause, perhaps a tight muscles or improperly functioning joint, in order to implement a plan to remedy the issue quickly to prevent it from becoming a complex chronic problem.

A published report in the Journal of Neurology titled, Is Back Pain Killing Us ?, shows us that pain is not normal. They write:

" Older people reporting spinal pain have 13% increased risk of mortality per year lived. However, this association is not likely to be causal, with the relevant confounders contributing to this relationship. Thus, pain in the spine may be part of a pattern of poor health, which increases mortality risk in the older population."

This study shows that while we might not die from back related or spinal pain, it is definite warning sign that pain is a symptom of underlying poor health. Take time to listen and work on your body or find a practicer who can help you determine the cause of your dysfunction.

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