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Chiropractic and Healthcare

chiropractic Brooklyn and healthcare

There has been much discussion about healthcare. All the discussion brings me back to the idea that what most consider healthcare is actually not about health at all.

The thought of healthcare comes to most people's minds when they are sick. They need care, they are in a crisis and searching for a solution to what ails them. This no doubt modern medicine excels in and predominates the view of health in the United States.

When we think of how we can improve this system the idea of prevention comes up. Eat healthy, sleep, exercise, and manage stress. These ideas are simple but radical. These ideas require consistency, time, and belief that the body is made to heal. The main focus of care system should be on prevention and not rely so heavily on crisis management.

In chiropractic the same is true. Many patients wait until they are having excruciating low back pain or neck pain to worry about their spine. In reality, they practicing healthy spinal habits such as exercise, proper ergonomics, and chiropractic care.

The unfortunate part of crisis management on an individual or more widespread level is that once the fire is out we forget prevention. Once the back pain or neck pain is resolved we stop practicing healthy spinal habits instead of making changes to prevent future episodes.

You will face health challenges so practice to healthy habits to encourage true health.

Dr. David Satterfield


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