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Footwear and Low Back Pain: What’s the connection ?

Footwear with a high heel increase the inward curve of your low back or lumbar lordosis(LL). This places increase stress on the joints of the spine resulting in low back pain that may travel into the legs.

In many chiropractic practice patients often present with low back pain of an insidious nature or pain of unknown origin. Upon further investigation lifestyle factors such as footwear, sleeping position, work position, and repetitive activity are revelaed to be contributing factors in thit pain. It is important to not ignore how big of an impact these seemingly meaningless routines can have on our health and spine.

“The present study revealed that wearing high-heeled shoes can lead to increased LL and an uneconomic body position. This finding may help explain why some women complain that wearing high-heeled shoes causes them to experience low back pain.” -European Spine Journal

Chiropractic cares aims to restore proper biomechanic and ensure normal motion of the joints of the spine. Have your chiropractor or other trained professional evaluate your shoes and wear patterns to understand the potential impacts it may be having on your spine.

Dr. David Satterfield, Chiropractor

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