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Suboccipital muscles, headaches,and Chiropractic

Headaches chiropractic dog

Suboccipital tension is a common cause of headaches that present daily to chiropractic offices.

The suboccipital muscles are found at the base of the skull and can be the cause of headaches for many people. Increased Tension in these muscles caused by poor posture, stress, and dehydration can squeeze vital nerves running through this area generating headaches.

Suboccipital active TrPs and FHP were associated with CTTH. CCTH subjects with active TrPs reported a greater headache intensity and frequency than those with latent TrPs. The degree of FHP correlated positively with headache duration, headache frequency, and the presence of suboccipital active TrPs. -Headache. 2006 Mar;46(3):454-60

Simply put the more trigger points or tension in the suboccipital muscles the greater chance of tension type headaches.

Chiropractic adjustments to improve joint motion and decrease nerve tension along with targeted release of these muscles to decrease improves headaches symptoms for many.

Dr. David Satterfield, Chiropractor

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