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Got Dorsiflexion ?

Ankle dorsiflexion is the upward movement of the foot towards the shin.

💥Importance of Ankle Dorsiflexion 1️⃣Essential for adequate push off during gait necessary for running, sprinting, and walking. 2️⃣Important for efficient hip extension. A loss of hip extension can contribute to low back pain. 3️⃣Necessary for adequate knee flexion which is important for proper knee function and for Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury prevention. . 💥Causse of poor ankle dorsiflexion ➡️Tight calf muscles (gastroc and soleus) ➡️Inadequate strength in the shin muscles (tib ant) ➡️ Previous ankle injuries (Ever roll an ankle ?) . What can you do ❓ 👉 Specific Chiropractic adjustments for the ankle and low back to encourage normal ROM and function. 👉Avoid wearing high heels which can lead to tight calf muscles. 👉Try eccentric calf raises amongst other targeted exercises to lengthen the calf muscles while strengthening the shin muscles.

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