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Oh, Yeah! My Gluteus!

Many of us have heard ,one time or another, that we should be working out glutes or "butt" muscles. Why ?!

The gluteus muscles are comprised of the muscles: the gluteus Maximus, gluteus minimus, and gluteus medius. The originate from the tailbone/hip bone,"sacrum/illium," and insert onto the femur or leg bone. They are important for helping us move our leg behind us and also allow us to move sideways while simultaneously keeping the pelvis level. Weakness in these muscles doesn't allow the low back and pelvis to remain relatively level and cause excessive movement putting increased pressure on the joint, tendons/ligaments, and discs of the low back.

Exercise combined with chiropractic care is an excellent way to ensure the joints of the spine are function properly and the musculature of the low back remains strong. Chiropractic care can ensure that nerves supplying muscles like the gluteus muscle group remain free from pressure and are allowed to transmit signals efficiently.

A study published in the ,Annals of Rehabilitation Medicine, found this:

"Clinical application of exercise in this study showed that lumbar segmental stabilization exercise plus exercise to strengthen the muscles of the gluteus resulted in a greater decrease in low back pain disability index and increase in lumbar muscle strength and balance ability than lumbar segmental stabilization exercise in chronic low back pain patients receiving the exercise treatments during the same period"

This study demonstrates strengthen the glutes along with the muscles that support and stabilize the spine can have a positive impact on the health and pain of the low back. It is important that you are choosing appropriate exercise for you and the goals that you are setting. This is why many individuals benefit from working with a chiropractor, who understands the cause of their dysfunctions.

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